In October 2017 our Club was restructured under the 2006 Companies Act and became a Private Company Limited by Guarantee. As a consequence the management structure was reorganised into a Board of Directors, consisting of eight Directors, each responsible for some aspect of the running of the club. Each Director will be elected for a three year term of office, however, as we are in a transitional phase the current Directorate are on split terms of one, two and three year terms.

The Club remains a voluntary organisation without share holders, and no Director receives remuneration for their services other than legitimate expenses generated in the service of the club. All monies generated by the club are retained to sustain our costs and to promote future development.

Cotswold Bowls Club

Cotswold Bowls Club

We strongly support and endorse the principle that the club exists for the greater benefit of its members and for the promotion of the game of bowls.

Board meetings are held monthly and the minutes of the meetings are posted on a Club Notice Board. Club members are invited to contribute comments, observations and ideas through individual Directors or through the Sub-committees established to support each Directorate.

The Club is also supported by a small, but committed army of dedicated volunteers without whom we could not function.

We do employ a small number of essential part time staff engaged in delivering our cleaning, catering and Bar services.

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Cotswold Bowls Club welcomes everyone with an interest in this fascinating sport and opens its doors to prospective members of all ages, abilities and agilities - from juniors to great-grandparents, from absolute beginners to national level players.

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